Rund um den Werbellinsee

Getting married at Café Wildau

      Supporting programme on and around Lake Werbellin

Circular boat trip of Lake Werbellin with the Wiedenhöft shipping company

Experience Lake Werbellin from the most beautiful perspective.
To enquire about departure times, please contact us or the shipping company directly:

Reederei Wiedenhöft
Phone: (033361) 474

Dragon boating
Just like in real life. Today more than ever, companies need their staff to feel confident if they are to compete successfully in the market.
The team spirit kindled by dragon boating, along with the shared experience of nature and fun and the collective determination to get ahead, create a strong sense of belonging in any group.

Aside from providing a sporting challenge and an entertaining staff incentive, dragon boating serves another, more serious purpose; after all, the saying “We’re all in the same boat” didn’t spring from nowhere. Dragon boating is an ideal activity for successful team-building.
Solar boat
Phone: (03331) 29 80 82
Mobile: (0152) 33 56 83 67

Dive into Lake Werbellin and explore the old barges lying at the bottom of the lake.

Phone: (03334) 28 12 68

Rowing and canoeing
Experience Lake Werbellin by boat
Boat and bike hire “Am Breten”
Phone: (0170) 295 07 30

Jeep expedition through the Schorfheide

Café Wildau
Hotel & Restaurant
on Lake Werbellin

Wildau 19
OT Eichhorst
D-16244 Schorfheide
Phone: 033363 / 52 63 0
Fax: 033363 / 52 63 29

Opening hours restaurant:
Mondays to Sundays:
6 pm to 8.30 pm

Closed dates

Hotel reception:
8 am to 6 pm

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