Werbellinsee in Brandenburg
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Surrounding area
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           Sporting activities

Cycling and hiking:
Experience the diverse scenery of the Schorfheide by cycling along the woodland paths, forestry tracks and purpose-built cycle paths that cut through dense forests, passing countless lakes and traversing the undulating landscape shaped by the Ice Age.
Cycle and hiking maps are also available from our hotel.
Water sports & boat hire
For boating enthusiasts with or without a licence to captain a boat, there are endless opportunities for spending a delightful day on the lake. We will be happy to pack a picnic basket for you.
If you already have a floating vessel, you’re welcome to hook up to the power supply at our jetty.
Covered wagon rides & horse riding
According to a German saying, the greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse (Das höchste Glück der Erde liegt auf dem Rücken der Pferde). Enjoy some wonderful horse-trekking expeditions through the endless Schorfheide. For all those scared off by the height of the horse’s back, we recommend a relaxing journey in one of the famous horse-drawn covered wagons. Further information is available form our reception desk.
The 18-hole golf course at Prenden is only 20 km away. Bookings are taken at our reception desk.
Aqua fitness
If you can’t do without water or swimming even in cold weather, we recommend a visit to Eberswalde leisure pool (Freizeitbad).

With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to catch pike, zander, perch, eel, carp and almost any other freshwater species in our lakes. Fishing permits can be obtained from the tourist information office (Touristeninformation) in Eichhorst. 

Café Wildau
Hotel & Restaurant
on Lake Werbellin

Wildau 19
OT Eichhorst
D-16244 Schorfheide

Phone: 033363 / 52 63 0
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Monday to Sunday
12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

A list of fully closed dates can be found here.

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